Wisdom Trove, thus far, has been curated by three intrepid individuals.  Click on their photos for a list of their curated topics, authors and books.

Graeme is the founder of Wisdom Trove. He has had a life-long passion for quotations and practical wisdom on the art of living. Graeme lives in Sydney with his adorable dog, Mack. When not curating quotations, he loves to hike deep in nature with his camera in hand.
Aimee is a spiritual writer, poet and speaker. But more importantly she is a dance lover, banana bread eater and human being. After a period of intense suffering, nearly dying, she broke free from the cocoon of darkness and finally found her wings of joy. She currently resides in Sydney.
Tanya Natalie is a professional editor and also happens to own a second-hand bookshop! She has a passion for all things books; reading, writing and editing. Her services include editing and critiquing manuscripts and writing articles. Her favourite punctuation mark is the semi-colon.

If you love wisdom, we’d love for you to help us curate content for Wisdom Trove.  Curate quotes for topics, authors or books not yet covered and enjoy great exposure.