Death is the great equalizer (quotes)

Death is the great equaliser for it levels all distinctions …

  • Death renders all equal. Claudius Claudianus
  • Death makes equal the high and low. John Heywood
  • Death and dice level all distinction. Samuel Foote
  • Death makes us all equal. Marie de Rabutin-Chantal
  • And death makes equal the high and low. John Heywood
  • I’m Death, and I make sure that everyone is equal. Jacob Grimm
  • As men, we are all equal in the presence of death. Publilius Syrus
  • And they die an equal death — the idler and the man of mighty deeds. Homer
  • Death comes equally to us all, and makes us all equal when it comes. John Donne
  • No matter who you are, you will be put abed at last with a shovel. Austin O’Malley
  • When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box. Italian Proverb
  • Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box. Italian Proverb
  • Sleep does make us all equal, it seems to me, like his big brother-Death. Arthur Schnitzler
  • Death doesn’t care about personalities – he’s more interested in meeting quotas. Jasper Fforde
  • Death does not discriminate; whether saints or sinners, in the end, all are equal. Tess Gerritsen
  • For all men are equal at the moment of death and who are we to judge them when a much greater judge awaits? Anthony Horowitz
  • Pale death approaches with equal step, and knocks indiscriminately at the door of the cottage, and the portals of the palace. Horace
  • In the democracy of the dead all men at last are equal. There is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the grave. John James Ingalls
  • When death comes, it respects neither age nor merit. It sweeps from this earthly existence the sick and the strong, the rich and the poor, and should teach us to be prepared for death. Andrew Jackson
  • How terrible is Death to one man, yet to another it appears the greatest providence in nature; even to all ages and conditions it is the wish of some, relief of many, and the end of all. It puts us all upon a level; the prince and peasant are doomed to the same fate. Wellins Calcott
  • In life you may be poor or rich, but death is the great equalizer. The greatest communism is in death. Howsoever you live, it makes no difference; death happens equally. In life, equality is impossible; in death, inequality is impossible. Become aware of it, contemplate it. Rajneesh
  • Take me as godfather.” The man asked, “Who art thou?” “I am Death, and I make all equal.” Then said the man, “Thou art the right one, thou takest the rich as well as the poor, without distinction; thou shalt be godfather.” Death answered, “I will make thy child rich and famous, for he who has me for a friend can lack nothing. Jacob Grimm

… cannot be bribed or bargained with …

  • All the gold in the world cannot buy a dying man one more breath—so what does that make today worth? Og Mandino
  • Death doesn’t bargain. August Strindberg
  • Death is the only sovereign whom no partiality can warp, and no price corrupt. Charles Caleb Colton
  • Death takes no bribes. Benjamin Franklin

… and no matter what your status, cannot be evaded or undone

  • A man’s life breath cannot come back again– no raiders in force, no trading brings it back, once it slips through a man’s clenched teeth. Homer, The Iliad
  • There is one who remembers the way to your door: Life you may evade, but Death you shall not. S. Eliot
  • While life could be evaded, death could not. Dean Koontz
  • Death aims only once, but never misses. Edward Counsel
  • Death walks faster than the wind and never returns what he has taken. Hans Christian Andersen

Everyone dies without exception

  • Everyone dies but not everyone lives. William Wallace
  • Eventually everyone has to die, except Elvis. Dave Barry
  • It’s just the reality. Everyone’s going to die. Anne Wojcicki
  • Everyone dies. It is how one lives that matters. A. Salvatore
  • Man is mortal. Everyone has to die some day or the other. R. Ambedkar
  • Everyone dies. It’s a question of where and how, that’s all. Gregory Maguire
  • Everyone knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it. Morrie Schwartz
  • Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives. Andrew Sachs
  • Everyone dies without understanding anything. Thats the way the world works, after all. Yusuke Kishi
  • Everyone knows they re going to die,’ he said again, ‘but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently. Mitch Albom
  • It’s not lost on me that everyone dies, but some people have a kind of immortality about them, and you can’t imagine that they will ever be gone. Henry Rollins
  • Everyone dies whether one is good in their lifetime or evil in their lifetime. So virtue has no payback. Life is meaningless. When you die, you die! Gerry Lindgren
  • Everyone dies. Everyone leaves. What matters is the things you build together before they go. What matters is the part of them that continues in you when they’re gone. Orson Scott Card
  • I will be dying and so will you, and so will everyone here. That’s what I want to explore. We’re all hurtling towards death, yet here we are for the moment, alive. Each of us knowing we’re going to die, each of us secretly believing we won’t. Charlie Kaufman