Intuition and inner wisdom (poems)


Look for the answer
Inside your questions


At the center of your being
You have the answer.
You know who you are,
And you know
What you want


Respond to
every call
That excites
Your spirit

Sarah Jean Bowers

Its okay to
drop the shield,
settle into your softness.
Quiet the mind,
Look within
Your inner wisdom.

John O’Donohue

A quiet mind is able
To hear intuition
Over fear

The silent Edge of Night

Caroline Leslie

The silent edge of winter
Calls me to the fire
In the dark quiet
I will knit and mend
Myself back together

John O’Donohue

May I have the courage today
To the live the life I would love,
To postpone my dream no longer
But do at last what I came here for
And waste my heart on fear no more

Lao Tzu

Find the current
And things will become clear,
The way running water
Cleanses a rock

Butterfly Rising
Your heart
Tells you big things
In little ways…

Mark Nepo

Intuitive listening requires
Us to still our minds
Until the beauty of things
Older than our minds
Can find us

John Donohue

Let there be an opening
Into the quiet that lies
Beneath the chaos, where you
Find the peace you did not
Think possible and see what
Shimmers within the storm


C.S Lewis

If you want to get warm
you must stand
near the fire: if
you want to be
wet you must get
into the water.

If you want joy,
power, peace, eternal life,
you must get
close to, or even into,
the thing that has them.


Meredith Grey

So, do it. Decide.
Is this the life
You want to live?
Is this the person
You want to love?
Is this the best you can be?
Can you be stronger?
Kinder? More compassionate?
Breathe in.
Breathe out
And decide.

The Voice

Shel Silverstein

There is a voice inside of you
that whispers all day long,
‘I feel that this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.’
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
or wise man can decide
what’s right for you – just listen to
the voice that speaks inside.


Yung Pueblo

Her rebirth was stunning,
She lifted herself up from
The depths of despair,
Grasped her dreams,
Embedded them in her heart,
And walked forward into
A future that only her will
And vision could control

People Aren’t Homes

Nikita Gill

Child, why did no one ever teach you that you cannot turn people into homes?
People are rivers,
Ever changing, ever flowing.
They will disappear with everything you put inside them.
Still, your home does have a heartbeat.
But it isn’t one locked in anyone else’s chest.
Just look inside your own.

The Critical Inner Voice

Morgan Harper Nichols

When that inner
Critical voice
To speak,
It must not
Lead the way.
It does not speak
For how you have grown.
It does not speak
For when you fell.
It does not speak
For where you are going
And the story
Your life tells.


Tanya Markul

To me, being spiritual means:
Whispering to trees,
laughing with flowers,
falling in love with sunsets,
consulting the water,
and worshipping the stars.
One hand to my heart.
One hand to Earth.
And sparkles.
Tons of them.

Victoria Erickson

Intuition is like having two
Ongoing conversations at the same
Time with the same person. One
Expressed and one energetic.
Sometimes they travel the same
Stream and align. Sometimes, the
Energetic one is louder. Different,
And lasts far longer. A dialogue
That can go on through many
Distances. Miles. Sometimes years.
The knowing language without

The First Gift

John O’Donohue

There is a kindness that dwells
deep down in things; it
presides everywhere, often in
the places we least expect. The
world can be harsh and
negative, but if we remain
generous and patient, kindness
inevitably reveals itself.
Something deep in the human
soul seems to depend on the
presence of kindness;
something instinctive in us
expects it, and once we sense it
we are able to trust and open


Tell me about when the world
Crumbled beneath your feet.
About how the moon was hiding in
Your darkest hours.
Tell me about the mountains
You climbed and the seas you
Sailed, searching for answers
You never found.
Tell me how it feels when your
Heart breaks open
And love pours out.
How it feels, to have no choice,
But to trust your own power.
What it’s like to turn inside out,
To find your wings and fly.
Tell me the story of how you
Became aware and able, to follow
Your soul and trust its way.

Victoria Erickson

I believe in vulnerability.
In true connections.
I believe in boundaries.
In withholding.
The opening and closing.
The pulling back
And going forth.
The natural rhythm.

You do not have to express
Everything to everyone.
You do not have to give all detail.
You do not have to be an open book.

Walk the tender line between
Raw sharing and mystery.
Master your intuition.
Build your containers.
Practice graceful discernment.

Mystical Intuition

Dr. Antony Theodore

We should
ask the essential
question “Who am I? “
without expecting
a rational answer.

Rather, we inquire
from a state of
surrender to
to a mystical
intuition about
who we really are.

Almighty Gut Feeling

Liliana Kohann

Almighty Gut feeling
how great Thou are!
Too bad I so ignore Thee,
my destination star.

You speak so very clearly,
you want the best for me.
Too bad that I ignore Thee,
and don’t believe in Thee.

Almighty Gut feeling,
the best gift that I’ve got
Wrapped up in Love and Freedom,     


Yung Pueblo

as her love grew, her ability to feel the
unseen and listen to the wisdom of the
eternal strengthened. the walk on the path
to freedom had changed her; though she
still experienced times of difficult release,
the feeling of unity remained ever present
in her body. now that she lived her life in
the grassy field between mortality and the
infinite, she could feel that the space in
her heart was the same as the heart of
the earth and the heart of the universe.


Jeanette Telusma

One’s intuition never steer them wrong.
It’s that feeling from deep within.
One that carries a voice but yet it is silent.
It’s that, when you know, that you know, that you know.
Intuition gives an inkling that something is off.
It could also draw attention to an opportunity.
It causes ones ear to twitch.
One may not even have questions but yet…
Intuition beacons you to look a little closer.
This I say, is phenomenal.
It is beyond ordinary.
Intuition is perceptible by our innate senses.
It is God’s leading. It’s a divine lead.
Follow and obey.

The Lion Inside

Allie Michelle

There is a lion inside of you
And she wants to be free
I have seen glimpses of her wildness
When you forget to pull her leash
I have acted as prey
Trying to tempt her to be released
But you have muzzled her roar
Barely giving her enough air to breathe
Why do we fear the lion inside us being untamed?
When she holds the courageous power
We need to break free and change
I have no interest in living
A half-life where my lion is trapped
She intuitively guides me in
Following my soul’s map
Her roar is far louder than
The whispers of my fear
I beg you to release your lion
And claim the love that has always been here!

We thought  we should resist it—our life

Sarah Norrad

We thought we should ignore that voice inside,
and instead listen to reason
and someone else’s drive.

We thought we should say yes,
when we actually should have said no.

Now though,
we do just what feels right.

We trust this knowing
that resides inside.
And, we don’t need to fight ourselves anymore.

We used to deliberate whether our wisdom was correct—
is our vision honest and true?

But after trial and error,
not listening and proceeding anyway,
we’ve come to the conclusion
that this voice inside of us
is absolutely sure.

This gut of ours is true.

Restful Awareness, Intuition and Vision

Dr. Antony Theodore

Despite the turmoil that makes
faith in God harder than ever
every level of revelation still exists.

Develop the innate ability to see
with the eye of the soul.

Two voices are heard in us
every day, the one believing
in the dark, and the other
believing in the light.

Restful awareness, intuition
and vision leads to light.

Clothed in love and serenity
the brain discovers that
it can escape the prison
of its old reactions, rising
to a new higher level
to perceive the God of love.


Paula Glynn

I trust my intuition, as it is often at work,
And it stops the hurt, that sometimes hits,
And I listen to my heart,
That tells me to look sharp,
For a clean living, through and through.

I search the world for truth,
I give myself honesty and gold,
I close my eyes and listen to my inner voice,
Where I know my goals and my choice,
Even though there can be more than one choice.

I am learning to celebrate and follow my heart,
I am searching for inner truth and justice,
So I listen to my intuition,
And I trust the music,
To tell me where I need to be,
And who I need to be with.

It may be a hard life, but I have many friends,
That make my world a rich and rewarding place,
And I love my gorgeous body and face,
That are worth liquid gold,
Because this is my soul, my heart.

My goals, hopes and dreams wake with me,
Every time the alarm goes off,
And I drink my cup of tea,
And watch some TV,
Knowing I know how to do it, how to be.

I am not alone: I have a higher power,
Guiding me towards daily truth and justice,
And I face people without fear,
And use my intuition,
To help me make the right decisions,
For everyone else, as well as myself.

I work hard, knowing I get a reward,
I trust my intuition, like a pianist at a piano,
Letting their fingers create a melody,
That can never be copied,
And that no amount of money can buy,
Because this is my life and I’ve got to try.

And like the actors on TV,
They seem to real, the illusion so effective,
But pretending to be people that they’re not,
But my intuition is not fake,
And I listen to my heart and mind,
To tell me what I need to know.