Life is God experiencing through us (quotes)

I am

Anthony Lambert

I am unremitting joy. I am utter despair.
I am languid peace. I am chaotic turmoil.
I am abundant generosity. I am insatiable greed.
I am adoring love. I am heartless indifference.
I am pure innocence. I am vulgar sleaze.
I am cocksure swagger. I am fearful doubt.
I am a shy smile.  I am a vicious snarl.
I am a soaring symphony. I am a fearful din.
I am a scurrying ant.  I am a motionless sloth.
I am a soaring eagle.  I am a crawling worm.
I am a gargantuan tree.  I am a tiny flower.
I am an omnipotent king.  I am a cowering subject.
I am an athletic champion.  I am a lazy slob.
I am a holy saint.  I am an atrocious tyrant.
I am an impenetrable jungle.  I am a withered land.
I am a  mountain peak.  I am a gaping abyss.
I am a blazing sun.  I am a planet of ice.
I am an endless galaxy.  I am a grain of sand.
I am a radiant light.  I am the darkest night.
I am this.  I am that.
I am here.  I am there.
I am him.  I am her.
I am you.  I am me.
I am the collective experience of all these things
and many, many more;
a kaleidoscope of a quintillion different perceptions
and I am that which makes experiencing possible.
I am the Eternal Subject
yet I also take the form of every object
I Am All That Is
I Am all Knowing
I Am all Being
I Am
I Am

Right now

Anthony Lambert

Right now I Am…
   soaring high on outstretched wings
   opening my petals to the morning sun
   scurrying through a termite cathedral
  spinning an intricate web of silk
   trumpeting through an upturned trunk
   laying eggs in a little pond
   picking nits from my lover’s fur
   probing the damp soil with my spindly roots
   singing a duet through a twittering beak
   galloping along on mud-spattered hooves
   surfing waves with gleeful squeaks
   gazing out meditatively with large, luminous eyes
   stretching my branches up and out into the vast, open sky
   smelling for truffles with my sensitive, pink snout
   probing a hole in the rocks with a nimble tentacle
   paddling along a stream with powerful kicks
   hungrily sucking warm milk from my mother’s teat
   searching the ocean bed in search of a larger shell to call home
   charging headlong into the horns of another with a mighty clash
   licking my paws with a raspy tongue
   wriggling this way and that to shed my scaly skin
   breathing in air through my damp, permeable membrane
   bobbing up and down in an intricate dance with my life-long mate
   cutting the water with my dorsal fin
   rising up on thrusting haunches in orgasmic release
   stalking stealthily in pursuit of unsuspecting prey
   enclosing my young one in a protective embrace of flippers and feet
   staring patiently at the water with my rapier like bill ready to strike
   wagging my tail in unrestrained welcome
   sharing a belly-laugh with a beloved friend
   staring in wonder at a crimson sunset
   shedding grief-stricken tears at an untimely loss
   typing this poem with clumsy fingers and an open heart

All these things I, the Cosmic Mind,  experience in the timeless Now
and a quintillion quintillion more things
across countless different worlds and dimensions.
All experiences past, present, and future
exploding forth as pure perception from the Singularity I Am,
the Infinite Awareness I Am,
in a great, exultant cosmic bang,
creating the ultimate immersive, experiential work of art,
wondrous and beautiful,
epic and profound,
beyond all imagination.

Embrace experience

Anthony Lambert

Gaze at beauty like tomorrow you’ll suddenly find yourself blind.
Listen to music and birds singing like tomorrow you’ll be deaf.
Eat a meal like tomorrow your taste buds will dissolve and be gone.
Smell a flower like tomorrow your nose will be eternally blocked.
Make love like tomorrow you’ll lose all sense of touch.
Express love like tomorrow like you’ll be struck dumb and illiterate.
Reminisce like tomorrow all your memories will be lost.