Self-awareness (quotes)


Self-awareness is conscious knowledge of yourself


Self-awareness brings great rewards


Self-awareness lets you get to know yourself

  • At 30 a man should know himself like the palm of his hand, know the exact number of his defects and qualities, know how far he can go, foretell his failures – be what he is. And, above all, accept these things. Albert Camus
  • Who am I? To answer this, we must first learn to become more aware of ourselves. To be aware, we must stop and pay attention! We need to stop and objectively watch and experience ourselves in action.
  • Self-knowledge is the only basis of true knowledge. John Taylor Gatto
  • Know thyself. Socrates
  • The greatest thing in the world is to know oneself. Michel de Montaigne
  • Know yourself and you will win all battles. Sun Tzu
  • Wherever we go, whatever we do, self is the sole subject we study and learn. Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • One must know oneself. If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life and there is nothing better. Blaise Pascal
  • What the world needs is more people who know themselves. Ron W. Rathbun
  • Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.  Buddha
  • To know oneself is to try not to blame others for one’s troubles and moods; to have a sense of what’s going on inside oneself, and what actually belongs to the world. Alain de Botton
  • Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control–these three alone lead life to sovereign power. Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • Self-knowledge

Self-awareness allows you to live consciously

  • There’s nothing so delightful as being aware. Would you rather live in darkness? Would you rather act and not be aware of your words? Would you rather listen to people and not be aware of what you’re hearing, or see things and not be aware of what you’re looking at? The great Socrates said, ‘The unaware life is not worth living.’ That’s a self- evident truth. Most people don’t live aware lives. They live mechanical lives, mechanical thoughts—generally somebody else’s—mechanical emotions, mechanical actions, mechanical reactions. Anthony de Mello
  • Living consciously

Self-awareness gives you the power to choose how to respond to events in life

  • … my life has been dedicated to my growth and evolution as a conscious being. … becoming more aware of all that was taking place within me and around me; how my inner world affected my outer world and vice versa. I realized that the more awareness I have, the more choice I have in how I create or respond to the circumstances of my life. Shakti Gawain
  • Between stimulus and response, you have the freedom to choose your response based on self-awareness, your imagination, your conscience and your independent will. Stephen Covey
  • Every human has four endowments- self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change. Stephen Covey
  • Choice

Self-awareness is self-kindness


Self-awareness brings inner calmness

  • Self-awareness is not an attention that gets carried away by emotions, overreacting and amplifying what is perceived. Rather, it is a neutral mode that maintains self-reflectiveness even amidst turbulent emotions. Daniel Goleman
  • CalmnessInner peace

Self-awareness provides the capacity to learn and grow

  • Self-awareness gives you the capacity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes. It enables you to keep growing. Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan
  • LearningGrowth

Self-awareness creates success

  • If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far. Daniel Goleman
  • I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion. Billie Jean King
  • Success

Self-awareness is essential for leadership


Being self-aware gives you the freedom to change

  • To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are. Eric Hoffer
  • The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. Nathaniel Branden
  • Every human has four endowments- self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change. Stephen Covey
  • What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. Abraham Maslow
  • Until we know ourselves and are aware of ourselves as separate from others and from the environment—until we can be separated even from ourselves so that we can observe our own tendencies, thoughts, and desires—we have no foundation from which to know and respect other people, let alone create change within ourselves. Stephen Covey
  • We are fortunate now to become aware of the contents of our mind. With that knowledge we will be able to change the aspects that lead to confusion and misery in our lives. Thubten Chodron
  • Compassionate self-awareness leads to change; harsh self- criticism only holds the pattern in place, creating a stubborn and defensive Basic Self. Be gentle with yourself as you would with a child. Be gentle but firm. Give yourself the space to grow. But remember that the timing is in god’s hands, not yours. Dan Millman
  • FreedomChange

What you are aware of, you can take control of and free yourself of

  • What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you. Anthony de Mello
  • We are enslaved by anything we do not consciously see. We are freed by conscious perception. Vernon Howard
  • The first step toward personal freedom is awareness. We need to be aware that we are not free in order to be free. We need to be aware of what the problem is in order to solve the problem. Don Miguel Ruiz
  • FreedomTranscendence

Self-awareness is on the path to spiritual awakening

  • The new life created by the final integration is self-aware yet without ego, capable of inhabiting a body yet not attached to it, and guided by wisdom rather than emotion. Whole and virtuous, it can never die. Lao Tzu
  • The great awareness comes slowly, piece by piece. The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning. The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one. M. Scott Peck
  • AwakeningAwaken to who you really are

Become self-aware by …


Become self-aware through the practice of mindfulness

  • Practice moment to moment non-judgemental awareness. Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • The astonishing thing, so counterintuitive, is that nothing else needs to happen. We can give up trying to make something special occur. In letting go of wanting something special to occur, maybe we can realize that something very special is already occuring – namely, your life unfolding in each moment in awareness. Jon Kabat-   Zinn
  • Mindfulness practice means that we commit fully in each moment to be present; inviting ourselves to interface with this moment in full awareness, with the intention to embody as best we can an orientation of calmness, mindfulness, and equanimity right here and right now. Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • You should remain aware every moment of your daily life, fully conscious of what you are doing and how you are doing it. Lama Yeshe
  • The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement. Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • When I talk about having good hearing, I don’t mean just listening, but listening to yourself. When I talk about good eyesight, I don’t mean just looking, but looking at yourself. Chuang Tzu
  • Mindfulness

Bring awareness to your body

  • Attention to the human body brings healing and regeneration. Through awareness of the body we remember who we really are. Jack Kornfield
  • The mind’s first step to self-awareness must be through the body. George Sheehan
  • Mindfulness of the body is awareness of… the taste and smell of this moment. Steve Hagen
  • The body

Be aware of …


Be aware of your actions

  • A life without regret can be attained by full awareness of ones actions in their present moment. facebook share Michelle D. Rosado
  • Action

Be aware of your feelings and thoughts

  • If you don’t know what you are feeling, you will create unconsciously. If you are unconscious of an aspect of yourself; if it operates outside your field of awareness, that aspect has power over you. Gary Zukav
  • When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life. Tara Meyer Robson
  • We can’t control what thoughts and emotions arise within us, nor can we control the universal truth that everything changes. But we can learn to step back and rest in the awareness of what’s happening. That awareness can be our refuge. Sharon Salzberg
  • ThinkingEmotion

Be aware of your inner wisdom and guidance

  • We catch on to the truth and technique of expectation in those rare moments when we are stirred by an awareness of a guidance seemingly higher and greater than our own, when for a little while we are taken over by a force and an intelligence above and beyond those commonly felt. Confident and free, filled with wonder and ready acceptance, we permit ourselves to be taken over by our unquestioning self. Marcus Bach
  • Inner wisdom

Be aware of your fears

  • To live fully is to live with an awareness of the rumble of terror that underlies everything. Ernest Becker
  • On a psycho-spiritual level the sensation of fear can actually serve to keep us self-aware. It’s a very powerful indicator of where we are contracting, projecting, reaching, risking, sensing darkness. Danielle LaPort
  • Become aware of your doubts and fears. Shine some light on them. Beat them with a thousand tiny cuts. Do it anyway, because they are wrong. Leo Babauta
  • Fear

Be aware of your short comings

  • To be aware of a single shortcoming in oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in someone else. Tenzin Gyatso, 14th The Dalai Lama
  • O, happy the soul that saw its own faults. Rumi
  • To develop a more or less accurate self-image…is simply to gain a comprehensive awareness of those facets of yourself which you didn’t know existed. And these facets are easily spotted because they show up as your symptoms.  Ken Wilber

Be aware of yourself as pure consciousness

  • This new awareness has radical implications for each and every one of us. For it reveals a wholly interconnected, conscious and holographic universe, a Cosmos where consciousness is primary– and where we are therefore both creator and co- creator. Jude Currivan
  • Unity awareness is consciousness of the greater whole of which we are all a part and which we are now able to embody in human form. Jude Currivan
  • The All is conscious. It is self-aware. Adyashanti
  • Knowing yourself as the awareness behind the voice is freedom. Eckhart Tolle
  • Awareness is not a quality of the Self. The Self is without qualities. Awareness is not an action of the Self. The Self does nothing. The Self, our Being, IS Awareness. Sri Muruganar
  • You are awareness. Awareness is another name for you. All that you have to do is to give up being aware of other things; that is, of the not-Self. If one gives up being aware of them, then pure awareness alone remains, and that is the Self. Ramana Maharshi
  • The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. Lao Tzu
  • Consciousness

Final thoughts

  • We must each lead a way of life with self-awareness and compassion, to do as much as we can. Then, whatever happens we will have no regrets. The Dalai Lama
  • Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung
  • Doing one’s duty, however small, in an unattached manner gives rise to the awakening of self-awareness. Sri Sathya Sai Baba
  • There is no freedom like seeing myself as I am and not losing heart. Elizabeth J. Canham
  • The fact that we are aware of ourselves is both our greatest curse and also our greatest blessing. Leonard Jacobson
  • Only by much searching and mining are gold and diamonds obtained, and man can find every truth connected with his being if he will dig deep into the mine of his soul. James Allen