What is curating?

Wisdom Trove curates quotes about life to distil profound truths and practical wisdom on the art of living.  What does it mean to curate quotes? It means to source and select quality quotes for a topic, author or book and then to group and order them into sub-themes with headings in a way that adds meaning and insight.

By doing this, Wisdom Trove aims to take a more thoughtful approach than conventional quotation sites which simply provide a randomly ordered lists of quotes for each topic or author. 

So, let’s say you’re curating quotes for the topic “happiness” for example. Through headings and quotes, you would take us on a story about happiness covering insightfully titled sub-themes like:

  • Finding happiness is one of the great purposes of life.
  • Happiness is far more than simple pleasure.
  • Happiness is a journey.
  • Happiness is found within.
  • Money alone won’t buy you happiness.
  • What are the paths to happiness?
  • Etc.

The headings, even without the quotes, create a meaningful story. Under each heading is a collection of carefully selected quotes which further express the point in the powerful and varied ways that only quotes can. 

See here for examples of curated quotes:


The curation process

The process for curating quotes for a topic (or author) is the following:

1.  Source quotes for the topic (or author / book)

  • Select the best high quality quotes. Choose those quotes that resonate with you the most and are the most profound and useful for the art of living. Look for big ideas.

2.  Group and order the quotes into sub-themes

  • Group the quotes into meaningful sub-themes. At the top of the grouping, put a keyword or two that helps you remember what the sub-theme is.

3.  Order the sub-themes

  • Order the groupings in a meaningful way that makes the most intuitive sense and creates a meaningful flow.

4.  For each sub-theme, write a meaningful title

  • Write headings for each grouping. Headings should distill the wisdom of the quotes in the grouping. They should be eloquent but concise with no superfluous words.
  • Read by themselves, the headings should make sense and ideally, should flow meaningfully to create a story.
  • Don’t hesitate to communicate your own point of view through the headings.

What makes great curating?

At its best, great curating…

  • Filters out the gems from the dross, making sense of the world.
  • Highly selective, sharing only the best and most useful.
  • Explores, cross-pollinates and integrates different viewpoints.
  • Explores big ideas.
  • Provides a unique point of view.
  • Adds the unique voice, commentary and perspective of the curator.
  • Helps its audience discern what matters most.
  • Distils the wisdom of the curated content into principles and truths that can effectively be applied.
  • Transcends into the realm of story-telling.

What next?

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