Profound truth and practical wisdom for living

  • Wisdom that helps people transcend their limits to live richer and more meaningful lives
  • Rearranging and distilling existing wisdom to create new insights
  • Inspiring thought leaders and influencers
  • Wisdom, not just of the mind, but also of the heart and soul (poetry, art etc.)
  • Wisdom, not just verbal, but also visual. Not just rational, but also emotional.
  • A treasure hunt for profound truths and principles to apply
  • Mining for gold: the most profound and most practical
  • Exposure of false beliefs that diminish and limit us
  • A lasting legacy that contributes to the greater good
  • Celebrating the seers and sages, both ancient and modern, that wisdom has come through

Exploring big ideas with curiosity and openness

  • Exploring possibilities (See possibilianism)
  • Sharing and distilling the opinions of the world, letting you make up your mind
  • Inclusive, recognising the truth in all perspectives
  • Humble and open-minded: an exploration, not a sermon.
  • An approach to wisdom that encourages loosening around our beliefs and paradigms
  • Embracing paradox: the fact that opposite things can be simultaneously true
  • Cross pollinating ideas to create new insights and perspectives
  • Big ideas, powerfully distilled

Integrated and whole

  • An integrative approach:  integrating points of view from spirituality, science, art, philosophy and psychology
  • Connected and integrated: everything relating to everything else
  • Context: showing where each topic fit into the bigger picture
  • The whole infinitely more valuable than the sum of the parts

Excellence and attention to detail

  • Quality and care
  • Consistency
  • Making the Internet a better place.

Uplifting and consciousness raising

  • Curation done in a state of flow and presence
  • Inspirational
  • Positive and affirming
  • Appreciation and celebration for life and wisdom
  • Wonder and reverence for the sacredness of life and the world
  • Humour: the deepest wisdom always sees the funny side

A timeless reference work but also a work of art

  • Combining the rigour of scholarship, study and research with artistic and creative flair
  • Art is reflected in the selection of quotes, the creation of meaningful stories, the writing of commentary and wisdom summaries etc.)
  • Beautiful, elegant, simple, masterful
  • Ground breaking

Providing both essence and substance

  • Comprehensive selections of quotes provide the substance (detail).  Wisdom headings and summaries provide the essence.  
  • Wisdom is distilled to create potent and pure essence.
  • Big ideas are distilled to their essence.

Ability to toggle between detail and a wider view

  • Different horizons of focus: both close up and wide-angle views
  • Multiple big picture views: showing where each quote and topic belongs in wider contexts
  • Wisdom overviews, frameworks and models
  • Broad topics (generic) and narrow topics (specific)

Curatorship rather than aggregation

  • Curatorship searches through vast realms of content to select the most profound and most useful. 
  • Quotes are chosen and arranged into meaningful stories.
  • A distinct voice and insightful point of view
  • Value is added through meaningful commentary.
  • Thorough and comprehensive but not exhaustive: quality not quantity
  • Includes well known quotes and authors as well as undiscovered gems

Collaboration and sharing

  • A team of conscious, passionate curators
  • Sharing and celebrating best practice
  • Discussing and sharing
  • A shared passion for life, wisdom and truth
  • Thriving discussion and sharing of ideas

Living and breathing

  • A timeless but living and evolving reference work
  • Ever-deepening
  • Organic and fresh
  • Constantly updated
  • Experimenting and innovating with new approaches

Streamlined and user friendly

  • A user friendly site, easy and intuitive to search and explore
  • Automated processes in the back end
  • User friendly content submission tools